INK REVIEW: Noodler’s Purple

Woo Woo!
Now, there is some color!
Regal, royal, raving, raging – ok, I’m out of good “R” words. 
I loooove this color. Love this ink.  
It’s a bright purple. Grape, even. It looks like a color that a teenaged girl would love – a teenaged girl AND me!!
Let’s look at it more closely…
Click for bigger image

It’s not a perfect ink. A bit sloppy even for me – and I love me some wet writing. It smears easily. It feathers.
I’m glad I don’t have a Water Test complete – this means I can keep loving this ink – at least for now. My plan is to keep it short today, but to use the sample I have for a week or so, do a water test, and come back to talk about this in more detail another day.
I’m pretty sure that even if it’s too wet. Even if it won’t pass the water test (and it probably won’t). I’ll still love it. Color like that – meant to be loved!
Do you love purple inks? Are there any guys out there using purple? At work?

Excited to Hear From You . . .

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