EDISON PEN CO: Pneumatic Filler!

image from edison pen co

Say what?!

Edison Pen Co. has announced their Pneumatic Filler fountain pen.

And check that out – it comes in the same tortoise fleck of my pretty new pen – which you can see here and here.

One of my big concerns about this pen was the sac. I’ve read tales of people having to scrape old latex sacs out of pens to replace them. Turns out, these sacs are silicone and those are better for a lot of reasons discussed at the link.

I probably won’t be getting one of these. At least not right away. After the holidays, I’m on a bit of a pen diet. We’ll see how long that lasts – ha!  But these are really cool – and I now have first-hand experience – Edison Pen Co makes amazing pens.

What do you think? Will these be popular with the cool kids? Will you get one?

Excited to Hear From You . . .

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