REVIEW: Sharpie Glitter Paint Set

Sometimes. A girl needs a needs a little glitter.

A little … scintillant.

A Sharpie. (Who doesn’t love Sharpies? Use them a lot. Mostly for work. But some because of fun.)

These were fun, too. Not sure I have a real use for them.

Each came individually wrapped inside the package. Pretty sure this is for one or two reasons…
1. leak prevention
2. protection from drying up

The big surprise? I thought they’d look WOW on black paper. Turns out, they are best on white. Probably a good thing considering I might be the only person around with a stash of black paper!

Have you tried these? The package says they’re available in six colors – I only saw the three-pack and white. What else is out there?

Are you like me and you sometimes buy cheapie things like this to try out? Even if you don’t have a real purpose for them?

One thought on “REVIEW: Sharpie Glitter Paint Set

  1. I think the reason why they didn’t turn up on black paper as well as you’d expected is because you may not have followed the instructions to “start off” the pens properly. I could be wrong, but because the last photos show the markers with the tips still white, it makes me wonder if you had shaken the pens and pressed on the points until the color flowed to the tips and changed the tips from white to the corresponding paint color. Or perhaps the photos were simply taken before you’d proceeded to carry out these first steps before using the pens, in which case, my apologies for my wrong assumption. But I’m thinking that if this wasn’t done (as according to the instructions printed on the pens) that could account for why the pay off wasn’t as stellar as you’d hoped for because in all the other reviews I read they seemed very bright and intense on black paper.


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