INK REVIEW: DIamine Wild Strawberry

Diamine Wild Strawberry Ink Swab

Ladies and gentlemen, it is safe to say…the losing streak of Monday reviews is OVER!  (In case you hadn’t noticed, my last three Monday reviews were not inks I fell in love with.)

But this!  This is an ink to love!  This is Diamine Wild Strawberry. Yum!

Diamine Wild Strawberry Writing Sample

Because seriously. Look at that color!  Wooooo…color like that makes me happy happy!  Similar in color, but with more saturation than R&K Morinda. Very different from Noodker’s Red.’s not perfect. There is no shading and I love shading inks.  Other than that, though, it’s pretty darn perfect.

Dry time is a bit long – even with the fine nib I was using, but I can live with that.

Yep. It’s love!  Yaaay!!!

Tell me, what ink are you loving on this week? Is it a red?

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