THIS OR THAT? Pilot Metropolitan Fine Nib Review

As soon as I heard that Pilot had released their popular Metropolitan in a fine nib, I knew I’d have to have one (or two – ha) and as soon as Goulet Pens announced they had them, I ordered.

Here’s a super quick look at the writing differences.  For pictures of the pens themselves, please have a look at my Instagram, particularly this picture to see the fancy new packaging.

So…how does it write? GREAT!

(Medium on top – fine under.)

I’m using Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium ink in each of the pens. This is one of my favorite blue inks and it’s exclusively available at Goulet Pens. (I swear, I don’t work for them. I work at Brush Dance.)

Flow is great. No skipping or hard starts. No scratchiness. And the line is significantly thinner than the medium.

In short – I’m glad I got two of these great looking inexpensive pens that work really well.

OK…this or that?  Pilot Metropolitan Fine Nib – or Pilot Metropolitan Medium Nib.  What is your pleasure?

Oh…here’s a link to the full-size review sheet. (It’s big.)

One thought on “THIS OR THAT? Pilot Metropolitan Fine Nib Review

  1. So great to see it! Thanks for the review. Now we don't have to do that whole Frankenstein thing in taking a nib from this pen or that pen and put it in a Metro just to get a fine point.


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