Here’s what I’ve been reading this week…

My Supply Room shows off his Lamy Rollerball collection.

FP Geeks looks at the Montegrappa Fortuna. Generally, I’ve not been a fan of Montegrappa, but there’s something about these that catches my eye.

Gourmet Pens has beautiful handwriting.

Ed Jelley loves Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo and is lukewarm on Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards.

The Well-Appointed Desk is pretty in green.

Mr. Mike Dudek from The Clicky Post loves a TWSBI deal (that color!).

I’m hungry.

And thirsty.

Some dude on FPN gives us a list – I don’t agree with everything, I don’t disagree with everything. I should make a list. What would be on yours?

Where have you been hanging out this week?

Have a great weekend, friends.


Excited to Hear From You . . .

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